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Tender categories for transport


The column on the right shows number of current and most recent tenders for transport.

Tender Categories for transport Published

Air transport services

70 Tenders

Body transport containers

5 Tenders

Buildings associated with transport

43 Tenders

Cable-supported transport systems

3 Tenders

Cable-supported transport systems with cabins

0 Tenders

Cadaver transport and storage equipment and supplies

24 Tenders

Cadaver transport bags

6 Tenders

Catering services for transport enterprises

13 Tenders

Cleaning services of transport equipment

47 Tenders

Collection, transport and disposal of hospital waste

79 Tenders

Construction work for buildings relating to air transport

16 Tenders

Construction work for buildings relating to railway transport

47 Tenders

Construction work for buildings relating to road transport

39 Tenders

Construction work for buildings relating to various means of transport

25 Tenders

Construction work for buildings relating to water transport

27 Tenders

Construction work for commercial buildings, warehouses and industrial buildings, buildings relating to transport

131 Tenders

Construction work for railways and cable transport systems

17 Tenders

Ferry transport services

29 Tenders

Freight insurance and Insurance services relating to transport

36 Tenders

Freight transport agency services

23 Tenders

Hire of air transport equipment with crew

3 Tenders

Hire of goods-transport vehicles with driver

95 Tenders

Hire of passenger transport vehicles with driver

772 Tenders

Hire of water transport equipment with crew

7 Tenders

Insurance related to Transport

122 Tenders

Mail transport by railway

6 Tenders

Mail transport by road

37 Tenders

Marine, aviation and other transport insurance services

122 Tenders

Military transport aircrafts

0 Tenders

Military transport helicopters

2 Tenders

Miscellaneous transport equipment and spare parts

98 Tenders

Miscellaneous water transport support services

5 Tenders

Motor vehicles for the transport of 10 or more persons

212 Tenders

Motor vehicles for the transport of fewer than 10 persons

122 Tenders

Motor vehicles for the transport of goods

137 Tenders

Non-scheduled air transport services

21 Tenders

Non-scheduled airmail transport services

9 Tenders

Non-scheduled passenger transport

744 Tenders

Parcel transport services

36 Tenders

Passenger transport by animal-drawn vehicles

0 Tenders

Patient-transport vehicles

134 Tenders

Pipeline transport services

1 Tenders

Prisoner-transport vehicles

17 Tenders

Public road transport services

1068 Tenders

Public transport services by railways

45 Tenders

Railway transport services

59 Tenders

Refuse transport services

327 Tenders

Road transport services

887 Tenders

Scheduled air transport services

31 Tenders

Scheduled airmail transport services

10 Tenders

Second-hand transport vehicles

18 Tenders

Ships and similar vessels for the transport of persons or goods

12 Tenders

Sludge transport services

37 Tenders

Sludge transport services

37 Tenders

Space transport services

0 Tenders

Special-purpose road passenger-transport services

934 Tenders

Support services for air transport

24 Tenders

Support services for land transport

32 Tenders

Support services for land, water and air transport

35 Tenders

Support services for railway transport

32 Tenders

Support services for road transport

64 Tenders

Support services for water transport

7 Tenders

Supporting and auxiliary transport services; travel agencies services

98 Tenders

Transport agency services

16 Tenders

Transport by water of mail

4 Tenders

Transport document preparation services

15 Tenders

Transport equipment and auxiliary products to transportation

405 Tenders

Transport of logs within the forest

5 Tenders

Transport of radioactive waste

24 Tenders

Transport services (excl Waste transport)

0 Tenders

Transport systems consultancy services

258 Tenders

Transport tickets

36 Tenders

Underground passenger railway transport

4 Tenders

Vehicle bodies for goods vehicles

20 Tenders

Vehicle-fleet management services

153 Tenders

Vehicle-fleet-support services

136 Tenders

Water transport services

45 Tenders

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