QSL Tenders

Tender categories for training


The column on the right shows number of current and most recent tenders for training.

Tender Categories for training Published

Aerobic training equipment

12 Tenders

Air-traffic control training

1 Tenders

Computer training services

47 Tenders

Computer-user familiarisation and training services

53 Tenders

Dog training services

5 Tenders

Education and training services

1628 Tenders

Emergency training dolls

1 Tenders

Environmental training services

44 Tenders

First-aid training services

34 Tenders

Health and first-aid training services

54 Tenders

Health training services

97 Tenders

Industrial and technical training services

72 Tenders

Industrial training services

44 Tenders

Management training services

138 Tenders

Personal development training services

197 Tenders

Personnel-training services

83 Tenders

Safety training services

99 Tenders

Services related to the preparation of training manuals

5 Tenders

Ski-training services

0 Tenders

Soccer training aids

0 Tenders

Specialist training services

350 Tenders

Staff training services

171 Tenders

Technical training services

92 Tenders

Tennis training aids

0 Tenders

Training aids and devices

15 Tenders

Training aircrafts

1 Tenders

Training and entertainment software development services

3 Tenders

Training and entertainment software package

5 Tenders

Training and simulation in aircrafts, missiles and spacecrafts

15 Tenders

Training and simulation in firearms and ammunition

9 Tenders

Training and simulation in military electronic systems

6 Tenders

Training and simulation in military vehicles

5 Tenders

Training and simulation in security equipment

7 Tenders

Training and simulation in warships

3 Tenders

Training facilities

79 Tenders

Training facilities building

31 Tenders

Training programme services

152 Tenders

Training seminars

53 Tenders

Training services

565 Tenders

Training services in defence and security materials

10 Tenders

Training shoes

4 Tenders

Training simulators

37 Tenders

Training software development services

27 Tenders

Training software package

36 Tenders

Training, workout or aerobic services

7 Tenders

Training-film and video-tape production

13 Tenders

Vocational training services

246 Tenders

Weight and resistance training equipment

22 Tenders

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