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Tender categories for telecommunications


The column on the right shows number of current and most recent tenders for telecommunications.

Tender Categories for telecommunications Published

Air-to-ground telecommunications services

10 Tenders

Ancillary works for telecommunications

48 Tenders

Call centre

251 Tenders

Car telephones

3 Tenders

Command, Control, Communication systems

18 Tenders

Communication land-line rental

21 Tenders

Communications cable

36 Tenders

Communications cable with multiple electrical conductors

7 Tenders

Communications equipment

103 Tenders

Communications infrastructure

115 Tenders

Communications network

122 Tenders

Communications system maintenance services

72 Tenders

Construction work for communication lines

39 Tenders

Construction work for telephone lines

3 Tenders

Cordless telephones

8 Tenders

Dedicated-business telephone network services

21 Tenders

Digital telephone exchanges

6 Tenders

Electrical apparatus for line telephony or line telegraphy

9 Tenders

Electronic message and information services

31 Tenders

Emergency telephones

12 Tenders

Enhanced Data for GSM Evolution (EDGE) services

8 Tenders

Entrance telephones

18 Tenders

Ethernet network

31 Tenders

General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) services

9 Tenders

GSM telephones

7 Tenders

Hands-free mobile telephones (wireless)

11 Tenders

Help-desk and support services

0 Tenders

Installation of cable laying

33 Tenders

Installation of switchboards

5 Tenders

Installation of telecommunications equipment

88 Tenders

Installation of telephone lines

16 Tenders

Installation services of communications equipment

141 Tenders

Installation services of line telephony equipment

33 Tenders

Installation services of radio equipment

10 Tenders

Integrated telecommunications services

103 Tenders

Internet development services

82 Tenders

Internet network

100 Tenders

Intranet network

26 Tenders

IP Telephone services

57 Tenders

ISDN network

18 Tenders

ISDX network

6 Tenders

Local area network

100 Tenders

Local area network services

113 Tenders

Local telephone services

16 Tenders

Long distance telephone services

14 Tenders

Maintenance services of telecommunications equipment

157 Tenders

Mobile telephones

99 Tenders

Mobile-telephone services

86 Tenders

Multimedia Message Service (MMS) services

10 Tenders

Multimedia networks

26 Tenders

Network cabling

105 Tenders

Network components

51 Tenders

Network hubs

30 Tenders

Network infrastructure

182 Tenders

Network interfaces

27 Tenders

Network operating system

56 Tenders

Network routers

38 Tenders

Network system

48 Tenders

Network upgrade

48 Tenders


225 Tenders

Pay phone provider services

5 Tenders

Postal and telecommunications services

96 Tenders

Pre paid phone card provider services

0 Tenders

Public-telephone services

22 Tenders

Radio equipment

21 Tenders

Radio installations

10 Tenders

Repair and maintenance services of line telephony equipment

22 Tenders

Repair and maintenance services of telecommunications lines

23 Tenders

Repair, maintenance and associated services related to personal computers, office equipment, telecommunications and audio-visual equipment

149 Tenders

Shared-business telephone network services

14 Tenders

Systems and technical consultancy services

275 Tenders

Tactical Command, Control and Communication systems

9 Tenders

Telecommunications cable

60 Tenders

Telecommunications cable and equipment

70 Tenders

Telecommunications equipment

94 Tenders

Telecommunications equipment and supplies

306 Tenders

Telecommunications facilities

61 Tenders

Telecommunications network

176 Tenders

Telecommunications services

403 Tenders

Telecommunications system

105 Tenders

Telecommunications-infrastructure maintenance services

95 Tenders

Teleconferencing services

16 Tenders

Telephone cables

13 Tenders

Telephone cables and associated equipment

10 Tenders

Telephone connections

9 Tenders

Telephone equipment

53 Tenders

Telephone exchanges

5 Tenders

Telephone headsets

11 Tenders

Telephone network

28 Tenders

Telephone network equipment

44 Tenders

Telephone network maintenance services

37 Tenders

Telephone switching apparatus

6 Tenders

Telephones for hearing-impaired

8 Tenders

Telephones for visually-impaired

8 Tenders

Telephonic or telegraphic switching apparatus

2 Tenders

Universal Mobile Telephone System (UMTS) services

10 Tenders

Wide area network

104 Tenders

Wide area network services

132 Tenders

Wireless telecommunications system

177 Tenders

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