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Tender categories for security


The column on the right shows number of current and most recent tenders for security.

Tender Categories for security Published

Administration, defence and social security services

125 Tenders

Business services: law, marketing, consulting, recruitment, printing and security

872 Tenders

Compulsory social security services

13 Tenders

Convex security mirrors

2 Tenders

Data security software development services

38 Tenders

Data security software package

33 Tenders

Development of security equipment

8 Tenders

Dismantling works for security installations

11 Tenders

Electronic security lock

31 Tenders

Emergency and security equipment

129 Tenders

Engineering work for security installations

27 Tenders

Enhanced security lock

9 Tenders

Environmental security control services

14 Tenders

File security software development services

9 Tenders

File security software package

18 Tenders

Investigation and security services

108 Tenders

Public security services

136 Tenders

Public security, law and order services

69 Tenders

Repair and maintenance services of security and defence materials

39 Tenders

Repair and maintenance services of security equipment

325 Tenders

Research and Development services on security and defence materials

20 Tenders

Security bags

11 Tenders

Security bags

11 Tenders

Security brokerage services

10 Tenders

Security cameras

178 Tenders

Security equipment

194 Tenders

Security fittings

42 Tenders

Security screens

35 Tenders

Security services

1011 Tenders

Security software development services

23 Tenders

Security software package

65 Tenders

Security, fire-fighting, police and defence equipment

229 Tenders

Security-type printed matter

50 Tenders

Surveillance and security systems and devices

332 Tenders

Test and Evaluation of security equipment

16 Tenders

Training and simulation in security equipment

13 Tenders

Training services in defence and security materials

18 Tenders

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