QSL Tenders

Tender categories for financial services


The column on the right shows number of current and most recent tenders for financial services.

Tender Categories for financial services Published

Absconder-tracing services

10 Tenders

Accident and health insurance services

345 Tenders

Accident and health reinsurance services

7 Tenders

Accident insurance services

368 Tenders

Accommodation and office services

41 Tenders

Accommodation cleaning services

347 Tenders

Accommodation management services

72 Tenders

Accommodation services

97 Tenders

Accommodation, building and window cleaning services

449 Tenders

Accounting and auditing services

172 Tenders

Accounting review services

27 Tenders

Accounting services

55 Tenders

Accounting software development services

18 Tenders

Accounting, auditing and fiscal services

196 Tenders

Activity specific environmental auditing services

8 Tenders

Actuarial services

39 Tenders

Acupuncture and chiropractor services

3 Tenders

Acupuncture services

2 Tenders

Added-value database services

41 Tenders

Address book making software development services

0 Tenders

Administration services

179 Tenders

Administration, defence and social security services

85 Tenders

Administrative development project services

17 Tenders

Administrative educational services

43 Tenders

Administrative healthcare services

115 Tenders

Administrative housing services

75 Tenders

Administrative recreational, cultural and religious services

9 Tenders

Administrative services for business operations

97 Tenders

Administrative services of agencies

15 Tenders

Administrative services related to tourism affairs

28 Tenders

Administrative social services

86 Tenders

Adult and other education services

190 Tenders

Adult-education services at university level

43 Tenders

Advertising and marketing services

432 Tenders

Advertising campaign services

161 Tenders

Advertising consultancy services

112 Tenders

Advertising management services

134 Tenders

Advertising photography services

17 Tenders

Advertising services

289 Tenders

Advisory and consultative engineering services

107 Tenders

Advisory architectural services

252 Tenders

Advisory services provided by nurses

72 Tenders

Aeral advertising services

3 Tenders

Aerial and related services

10 Tenders

Aerial forest-firefighting services

1 Tenders

Aerial mapping services

14 Tenders

Aerial photography services

19 Tenders

Aerial spraying services

2 Tenders

Afforestation services

3 Tenders

Agency staff services for households

5 Tenders

Agricultural services

34 Tenders

Agricultural, forestry, horticultural, aquacultural and apicultural services

167 Tenders

Air pollution monitoring or measurement services

29 Tenders

Air pollution protection services

17 Tenders

Air traffic control software development services

1 Tenders

Air transport services

48 Tenders

Air-charter services

6 Tenders

Air-rescue services

5 Tenders

Air-sea rescue services

4 Tenders

Air-to-ground telecommunications services

7 Tenders

Air-traffic control services

15 Tenders

Aircraft insurance services

10 Tenders

Aircraft liability insurance services

22 Tenders

Aircraft maintenance services

12 Tenders

Aircraft operating services

5 Tenders

Aircraft refuelling services

7 Tenders

Aircraft repair services

7 Tenders

Aircraft-engine maintenance services

0 Tenders

Aircraft-engine repair services

1 Tenders

Aircraft-operation services

5 Tenders

Airport engineering services

11 Tenders

Airport operation services

20 Tenders

Airport slot coordination services

0 Tenders

Alarm-monitoring services

145 Tenders

Ambulance conversion services

5 Tenders

Ambulance services

89 Tenders

Amusement park services

5 Tenders

Analysis services

130 Tenders

Analytical or scientific software development services

9 Tenders

Analytical, scientific, mathematical or forecasting software development services

15 Tenders

Anchor handling services

0 Tenders

Ancillary building services

25 Tenders

Animal husbandry services

5 Tenders

Anti-pollution ship services

1 Tenders

Anti-virus software development services

3 Tenders

Apiculture services

2 Tenders

Aquaculture services

4 Tenders

Aquatic marine services

7 Tenders