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Tender categories for facilities


The column on the right shows number of current and most recent tenders for facilities.

Tender Categories for facilities Published

Building and facilities management services

458 Tenders

Computer facilities management services

66 Tenders

Construction work for restaurants and similar facilities

22 Tenders

Construction work for social facilities other than subsidised residential accommodation

31 Tenders

Construction work for sports facilities

107 Tenders

Construction work of leisure facilities

115 Tenders

Control, safety or signalling equipment for parking facilities

39 Tenders

Facilities management services

365 Tenders

Facilities management services for computer systems development

13 Tenders

Facilities management services for computer systems maintenance

30 Tenders

Facilities management services involving computer operation

36 Tenders

Facilities management software development services

16 Tenders

Facilities management software development services and software development services suite

13 Tenders

Facilities management software package

39 Tenders

Facilities management software package and software package suite

44 Tenders

Hospital facilities construction work

65 Tenders

Multi-purpose sports facilities construction work

66 Tenders

Platforms facilities construction work

1 Tenders

Repair and maintenance work in connection with sports facilities

61 Tenders

Research and testing facilities construction work

35 Tenders

Residential health facilities services

84 Tenders

Single-purpose sports facilities construction work

23 Tenders

Sports facilities operation services

138 Tenders

Telecommunications facilities

51 Tenders

Topside facilities construction work

0 Tenders

Training facilities

84 Tenders

Training facilities building

33 Tenders

Water-sports facilities construction work

2 Tenders

Waterside leisure facilities construction work

9 Tenders

Winter-sports facilities construction work

8 Tenders

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