QSL Tenders

Tender categories for D

Tender categories beginning with D.

Tender Categories beginning with D  

Dairy machinery

3 Tenders

Dairy products

116 Tenders

Dam construction work

6 Tenders

Dam wall construction work

3 Tenders

Dam-design services

5 Tenders

Dam-inspection services

1 Tenders

Dam-reinforcement works

3 Tenders

Damage or loss insurance services

454 Tenders


3 Tenders

Dance and performance entertainment services

21 Tenders

Dance-instruction services

4 Tenders

Darkfield and scanning probe microscopes

3 Tenders

Darkfield microscopes

2 Tenders

Dart boards

0 Tenders


0 Tenders

Data analysis services

148 Tenders

Data and voice media

22 Tenders

Data capture services

85 Tenders

Data carriers

13 Tenders

Data cartridges

2 Tenders

Data collection and collation services

137 Tenders

Data conversion services

31 Tenders

Data entry accessories

8 Tenders

Data entry services

33 Tenders

Data equipment

33 Tenders

Data management services

140 Tenders

Data network management and support services

153 Tenders

Data network management services

51 Tenders

Data network support services

54 Tenders

Data preparation services

29 Tenders

Data security software development services

27 Tenders

Data security software package

23 Tenders

Data services

278 Tenders

Data storage services

139 Tenders

Data supply services

45 Tenders

Data transmission services

50 Tenders

Data-acquisition system

17 Tenders

Data-bearing media

7 Tenders

Data-communications equipment

37 Tenders

Data-processing equipment

9 Tenders

Data-processing machines (hardware)

60 Tenders

Data-processing services

156 Tenders

Data-transmission cable

19 Tenders

Data-transmission cable for special applications

7 Tenders

Data-transmission cable with coaxial conductors

7 Tenders

Data-transmission cable with multiple electrical conductors

10 Tenders

Data-transmission equipment

41 Tenders

Database and operating software development services

37 Tenders

Database and operating software package

159 Tenders

Database services

141 Tenders

Database software development services

41 Tenders

Database software package

81 Tenders

Database systems

85 Tenders

Database-management system

91 Tenders

Date stamps

3 Tenders


2 Tenders

Dating or numbering machines

0 Tenders

Daycare centre construction work

19 Tenders

Daycare services

75 Tenders

Daycare services for handicapped children and young people

47 Tenders

De-aeration apparatus

0 Tenders

De-icing agents

10 Tenders

Debugging software development services

6 Tenders

Debugging software package

1 Tenders

Decaffeinated coffee

8 Tenders


1 Tenders

Decibel meter

0 Tenders

Deck chairs

0 Tenders

Deck-arresting gear

0 Tenders

Deck-fabrication work

2 Tenders

Decommissioning services

30 Tenders

Decontamination equipment

54 Tenders

Decorating supplies

34 Tenders

Decoration work

217 Tenders

Dedicated-business telephone network services

18 Tenders

Deed boxes

1 Tenders

Deep-frozen products

70 Tenders

Defence services

8 Tenders


46 Tenders

Degreasing agents

5 Tenders


8 Tenders

Deionisation plant construction work

0 Tenders

Deleading services

2 Tenders


14 Tenders

Delivery trays

0 Tenders

Delivery trays and desk equipment

0 Tenders

Demineralisation plant construction work

1 Tenders

Demolition of oil platforms

0 Tenders

Demolition of rolling stock

0 Tenders

Demolition of tracks

2 Tenders

Demolition services of ships

1 Tenders

Demolition services of vehicles