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Frequently Asked Questions

Why join QSL Tenders ?Details

We've been a licensed publisher of UK and EU public sector tenders since 2005. Join us and in just minutes you'll be viewing all live UK tenders needing the products / services supplied by your company. We deliver new tenders to our members the moment they're released so they never miss a crucial business opportunity.

How much does membership cost ?Details

Membership costs just £954 for 12 months. Members enjoy the following :

  • New Tender Alerts
  • Above Threshold Tenders
  • Lower Value Tenders
  • Personal Control Panel
  • Helpline
  • Choose By Region
  • Private Sector Projects
  • Subcontract Opportunities
How many tenders will I get ?Details

We Guarantee that if you don't receive at least * 50 new Tenders in your first 12 months of membership we'll refund your subscription fee in full. We're a licensed publisher of UK public sector tenders - Plus many organisations choose to publish their tenders exclusively through us. So we're confident we can deliver all of the tender opportunities your business needs. * Offer applies to 12 Months Membership / full UK selection.

How do I find the right tenders for my company ?Details

It's quick and easy to create your own customised tenders profile. There are over 9000 official tender categories (CPV Codes). Our advanced matching system allows you to find the right categories for your business using keyword or industry searches. Every time a new matching tender is released we'll notify you immediately by email.

How will I receive my tenders ?Details

When you create your account our database will automatically add all matching tenders. We"ll also alert you by email the moment any new matching tenders are released. You can login to your account anytime to view all of your tenders.

Can you provide regional tenders ?Details

Yes - we understand that some smaller businesses only require tenders for their local area. Members can opt to receive tenders from any combination of 10 UK regions.

Do you provide lower value tenders ?Details

Yes - we publish many lower value tenders in addition to above-threshold tenders.

Why should I be interested in Public Sector tenders ?Details

The UK public sector publishes over 70,000 tenders every year to procure a huge range of products and services. Public sector organisations pay promptly and often publish tenders for contracts lasting 1-2 years. We can supply tenders in over 9000 different categories - so there are sure to be excellent tender opportunities for your business.

What types of Organisations Publish tenders ?Details

Over 4000 UK public sector bodies publish tenders to procure a huge range of products and services - including 500+ Councils, all Central Govt Depts (eg. MOD), Utility Companies, NHS and Primary Care trusts, BBC, Post Office, Educational Bodies (schools, colleges, universities), Housing Associations, Museums & Art Galleries, Public Transport, Financial Institutions, Police, Prison Service, Fire Brigades, Charities and other Third Sector Bodies, and many more.

Do you provide tenders for all of the EU ?Details

Yes. Your subscription includes access to all EU Public Sector (OJEU) Tenders at no extra cost. So, for example, if you have sales agents or distributors in France and Germany you can pass Tenders published in those countries to these partners. However, you can filter your selection to just receive UK Tenders if you wish.

Why should I be interested in contract awards ?Details

Contract Award Notices report which company has won a tender. Many Members like to receive Contract Award Notices because of the excellent subcontract opportunities they provide eg with the company which has won the tender. For example, if your company supplies heating systems you might choose to receive Contract award Notices for construction projects in order to seek to supply the heating systems required on the projects.

What Are CPV code numbers ?Details

CPV (Common Procurement Vocabulary) numbers have been developed by the European Union to help procurement personnel in public sector classify their contract notices and make it easier for suppliers to find the right Tenders. Every OJEU Tender has a CPV code number. We also refer to CPV Codes as Tender categories.